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Quinn Legal to become first Isle of Man law firm to accept bitcoin payments

Source: CoinCorner

Bitcoin exchange, CoinCorner, has partnered with leading legal firm, Quinn Legal, to enable clients to make Bitcoin payments directly via the legal firm’s website, becoming the first Isle of Man based law firm to do so.

Bitcoin is a global digital currency operating on distributed ledger technology known as the blockchain. It can be sent to from person to person around the world and without the need for a middleman. It also cannot be printed or reproduced, with only 21 million Bitcoins ever able to be created, making Bitcoin a highly secure and traceable form of currency.

CoinCorner provided the integration for Quinn Legal’s website via its CoinCorner Checkout service, which launched in May 2019. CoinCorner is a leading Bitcoin exchange which was founded in 2014 and operates globally, supporting almost 200,000 customers in over 45 countries.

Sam Tipper, Business Development Lead at CoinCorner, commented: "It's been fantastic to work with and support Quinn Legal in accepting Bitcoin invoice payments from their clients via CoinCorner Checkout. The news marks significant progress for both CoinCorner and Quinn Legal; showing recognition for Bitcoin as an alternative way of paying for traditional services and further positioning Quinn Legal as a leader in the legal sector, continuously adapting to meet the needs of modern customers.”

He added: “CoinCorner Checkout is available to businesses in the Isle of Man, UK and most of Europe. If you’d like to know more about how simple it is to start accepting Bitcoin, please get in touch by visiting CoinCorner.com/Checkout.”

Founded in 2009, Quinn Legal prides itself on being different from other legal firms. Lawyers are usually change-averse, but Quinn Legal recognises the popularity and benefits of cryptocurrency payments. Partnering with fellow Isle of Man based Bitcoin exchange CoinCorner makes the legal firm the first on the Island to accept the payment option.

James Quinn, founder and CEO of Quinn Legal, said: “This new payment method capability signals the start of our plans for the new decade. We will be focusing on our existing areas of expertise and finding new ways to support our clients. With Bitcoin payments, we can support many of our clients in the financial technology and business sectors, as well as those who are invested in less traditional currency.”

He added: “We felt confident partnering with CoinCorner for this important integration, as they are one of the first Bitcoin businesses in the world to fall under any form of legislation as a Designated Business. This means that they are overseen by the Isle of Man Financial Service Authority, giving our clients peace of mind and assurance that their payments will be safe, secure, and immune from direct exposure to Bitcoin price volatility. At Quinn Legal, our clients will always be at the forefront of everything we do.”

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