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Bank of America to install electric car charging stations at select branches

Source: Bank of America

Electrify America, a leader in ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles (EV), announced today that it is teaming up with Bank of America, one of the world’s leading financial institutions, to install electric vehicle charging stations at select financial center locations across the U.S.

This marks the first time Electrify America will install EV charging stations at a bank location, further adding convenient options for consumers who drive battery electric vehicles.

“As we continue to offer more convenient places to build new charging stations, Bank of America was a natural fit,” said Brendan Jones, chief operating officer at Electrify America. “As one of the largest banks in the country, its locations enable current and future EV drivers to save time by charging their vehicles while visiting a financial center. These new charging sites are also open to any EV driver needing a convenient place to charge their vehicle.”

Approximately 40 EV charging stations with a total of 140 EV chargers will be available for use by the end of 2020 at select Bank of America financial center locations in California, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

Through Electrify America’s focus on future and present-day electric vehicles, Bank of America customers will be able to access ultra-fast charging systems with the latest charging technology available with a range in power from 150 kilowatt (kW) to 350kW. With an electric vehicle capable of accepting a 350kW charge, EV drivers can add up to 20 miles of range per minute as a result of Electrify America’s ultra-fast chargers technology.

“We are focused on making it easier and more convenient for our clients to connect with us in any manner they choose, and we’re pleased to partner with Electrify America to offer on-site EV charging stations,” said David Tyrie, head of advanced solutions and digital banking at Bank of America. “A low-carbon lifestyle is important to our bank and to the communities we serve, and we are committed to developing and supporting initiatives that can lead to a more sustainable future.”

In addition to this initiative to bring low-carbon EV chargers to its financial center locations, Bank of America is an EV100 member and has also installed EV charging stations at employee offices. Currently, the company has more than 100 EV charging ports installed at office locations for employee use, with more installations planned in 2020. Bank of America also provides a reimbursement to employees who choose to purchase or lease an approved electric vehicle.

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