Blue Dog Security introduces PCI DSS compliance monitoring service

Source: Blue Dog Security

A new service allows retailers and other businesses which accept payments online to check they are complying with industry security standards at any time.

The service from bluedog Security Monitoring allows them to monitor their compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and check the status of their security in real time via a simple dashboard.

Designed to be affordable for companies large and small, it allows them to produce almost instant reports to provide proof of compliance and, if they wish, to share their status openly on their website to increase customer confidence. It is also backed by bluedog’s 24-hour monitoring and incident response service, providing additional peace of mind.

bluedog, the award-winning start-up launched by founder Paul Lomax and cybersecurity expert Tim Thurlings, aims to revolutionise the cybersecurity market by making 24-hour monitoring services accessible to all.

The bluedog system uses artificial intelligence to spot unusual activity on a company’s network. It then alerts bluedog’s security operations centre, where the team can analyse and respond to threats.

The introduction of the new compliance dashboard takes bluedog’s service to a new level. By bringing together technical information from different parts of the business, it reduces the time required to prepare for audits from weeks to literally minutes. In addition to PCI DSS, it can also display compliance with standards such as ISO 27001, GDPR and Cyber Essentials.

PCI DSS applies to any business that accepts, transmits or stores any cardholder data. Those which are not compliant and which suffer a data breach can incur fines and may be liable for fraud losses and other costs incurred.

TimThurlings, co-founder of bluedog, said: “E-commerce businesses are key targets for cybercriminals and many face constant attacks. Ensuring compliance with PCI DSS and other aspects of cybersecurity is critical as a data breach can have a devastating impact.

“bluedog helps them to maintain standards, day in day out, and demonstrate they are in control. Our 24-hour managed detection and response service monitors the company’s network constantly and detects threats which bypass traditional security measures. Meanwhile our easy-to-use dashboard allows managers to monitor their status, providing proof of compliance with PCI standards and peace of mind.” 

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