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Stride Bank signs multi-year deal with PayQwick

Source: PayQwick

Stride Bank, N.A. announces a multi-year Agreement with PayQwick to serve cash-intensive businesses in markets across the U.S.

The PayQwick relationship extends the bank’s mission of delivering innovative solutions to help clients achieve normalized treasury solutions through the PayQwick platform.

PayQwick’s electronic banking platform is supported by Stride’s extensive treasury products and operational capabilities. PayQwick’s clients are in markets across the U.S. and Stride’s national presence helps PayQwick’s clients deposit cash and other receivables in rapidly growing state-regulated markets. Stride has invested in technologies and infrastructure in recent years to offer new services and resources to national customers, and these investments were attractive to PayQwick and its clients. PayQwick has onboarded dozens of relationships in California and Arizona.

“Our industry is changing rapidly,” says Brud Baker, Chairman of Stride Bank. “Determining how we continue to grow and thrive in the future starts with how we position ourselves. We have strengthened the core capacities that have sustained us and expanded our product offerings and delivery channels to serve our clients, regardless of geographic location. PayQwick is a key leader in serving cash-intensive businesses and follows Stride’s exacting compliance regimens for the Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer and other national and local regulations.”

“Stride has been an exemplary partner in our tremendous growth in California and Arizona”, explained Keith Marks, CEO and Founder of PayQwick. “Stride’s national charter, unique understanding of the PayQwick platform and our shared market vision has helped us expand into new states while serving top clients with advanced treasury services.”

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