TransferWise to hand out $150,000 in prize money to Singaporeans overcharged by banks

Source: TransferWise

Most banks don't use the real exchange rate.

They mark it up so you pay a hidden fee every time you spend and send money overseas. This system is broken — so we're building a new one.

Campaign period: 14 November 19 - 30 November 19. Full T&Cs apply.
Borderless balance
Singapore loses S$2 bn to hidden fees each year

Recently, we won a cash prize at Singapore Fintech Festival 2019. But to raise awareness about hidden fees charged by banks, our CEO Kristo wants to give away the whole S$150,000 — to Singaporeans like you.

Claim up to S$500 on ONE international money transfer or ONE overseas card spend in the past 12 months.

To qualify:

You must currently live in Singapore OR
You're a Singapore citizen living abroad OR
You own a small business registered in Singapore (<50 employees) AND
You have a Singapore bank account

You'll receive the exact amount you've claimed for, capped at S$500.

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