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GAM rolls out Indus Valley Partners platform

Source: Indus Valley Partners

Indus Valley Partners (IVP), a provider of technology solutions to the buy side of the investment industry, has announced that its industry-leading solutions and services have been successfully implemented by GAM, one of the world’s leading independent, pure-play asset managers.

Collectively managing over $136 billion in assets for institutions, financial intermediaries and private investors, GAM harnessed IVP solutions to assist in simplifying its data architecture through automation and a “digital-first” data management model, providing them with enhanced operational flexibility and control.

Through a strategic data architecture implementation program, GAM chose IVP to deliver a state-of-the-art data-centric IT ecosystem that ensured future scalability and robust flexibility to support its core capabilities. IVP’s implementation enabled GAM to integrate a variety of key business systems to mastered data hubs and empowered GAM to be self-sufficient for any future maintenance or necessary enhancements. Leveraging a combination of services, solutions and industry expertise, IVP and GAM have successfully achieved the following key milestones:

• IVP Recon has enabled GAM to gain further operational efficiencies and benefits from significant cost savings due to the effectiveness of the solution. Leveraging process automation and machine learning, IVP Recon is a unique, tech-enabled, highly efficient and scalable platform servicing the most demanding and complex middle-office needs of traditional and alternative asset managers.

• IVP Entity Master has enabled GAM to centralize their entire suite of funds, mandates, share classes and umbrellas. Enhancing data quality controls and workflows to improve overall data governance, IVP has provided GAM with unparalleled flexibility and control of their fund data.

• IVP Security & Reference Master’s instruments and party master functionality is live and delivering enriched data to the portfolio management system. IVP Security Master has significantly improved data quality controls on instruments and party data through a federated business governance while continuing to leverage multiple outsourcing providers.

“IVP was selected as part of our data architecture program as a cutting-edge solution to revolutionize the way in which data is enriched and controlled at GAM. The reconciliation solutions were implemented very quickly and have proven to deliver operational efficiencies and improved user experience. The delivery of the Security & Reference Master solution has enabled GAM’s first centralized data platform from where all data will be interfaced to downstream systems. Operational efficiencies will be realized as data is sourced and scrubbed in a single platform, creating a true security and reference master,” said Carolyn Baker, Head of Data Management & Governance at GAM.

“An increasing number of global asset managers are turning to IVP solutions for their complex needs, which is enabling them to stay abreast of the latest trends and adapt to changes in the industry. GAM’s decision to harness IVP for their new data-centric ecosystem is a testament to their client dedication and strategic view on the industry’s rapid evolution. We are excited to be working with GAM and look forward to supporting their middle-office needs with our best-in-class solutions and services,” said Gurvinder Singh, CEO of Indus Valley Partners. 

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