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LendingCrowd reports data breach

Source: LendingCrowd

On Wednesday 30 October, LendingCrowd discovered a data security incident resulting in unauthorised access to the personal data of a subset of investors.

We have already communicated with all affected investors.

LendingCrowd investors accounts and the LendingCrowd platform have not been compromised.

We self-reported this incident the same day to the Information Commissioner’s Office. We have also notified the Financial Conduct Authority and other relevant agencies.

Investigations are ongoing, but in the meantime, we want to act both responsibly and with transparency.

Your security is of paramount importance to us, so we would like to remind you of some quick and easy steps to increase security:

be vigilant of any suspicious activity
always check emails you receive and sender email addresses carefully - there is a risk that personal data can be used in “phishing” attacks in an attempt to obtain personal information to compromise your accounts
never give out your password to any service provider (we won’t ever ask for it)
change your passwords regularly - it is important that all passwords are strong and unique
if you have a LendingCrowd account, activate two-factor authentication (2FA) if you have not done so already - find out more about setting up 2FA

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