Exeter Friendly Society implements FileNet content and e-mail management system

Source: FileNet

The Exeter Friendly Society, a specialist in private healthcare insurance, has cut claims processing time and minimised the cost implications of an acquisition thanks to its new content and email management solutions provided by FileNet and implementation partner, Open Connections.

The content management solution is being used by Exeter to manage its scanned and indexed documents, which can be archived and made available, simply and quickly, in electronic format to claims staff and other employees. This unites previously disparate information from faxes, letters, emails and phone calls into one central repository, allowing the team to access all the data that they need to process a claim instantly. The email management solution, which offers rules-based email capture of both incoming and out-going mail is enabling them to make more use of email as an integrated part of the claims process and improving customer service.

As a result of the efficiencies created by the FileNet solution, claims are now typically processed within five days, well above industry average. Furthermore, FileNet has allowed Exeter to keep an accurate record of all the documentation associated with every customer transaction, thus reducing the possibility of error or uncertainty.

Mark Moreland, operations director at Exeter, said: "The existence of a complete audit trail of communications is the single most important benefit of the FileNet solution. Amongst other things it has given us the confidence to make much more use of email in sending information to our members."

The improvements in productivity have also enabled Exeter to expand its business whilst minimising investment in additional claims processors. Despite increasing its number of members by over 50 percent since the implementation, Exeter has only needed to employ two additional clerical staff.

Moreland continues: "Our entire IT processes depend on our document management system, so it has to work reliably and well. The combination of FileNet and Open Connections provides us with robust flexible technology and proactive support of the highest standard. We look forward to getting even more benefits from the system in the future."

Brenda Morris, RVP, Europe North, at FileNet said: "Many companies, especially large businesses, find that different departments receive, process and store information in different ways. This can cause headaches when individuals, like claims processors, need to gain a holistic view of a customer and their contact history. FileNet's content management solution has been proven by businesses such as the Exeter Friendly Society to reunite that information and move it quickly through the processing system, saving businesses time and money.

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