Dutch investment app Peaks launches in Germany

Source: Peaks

After two successful years in the Netherlands with steady customer-growth, Peaks has launched their app in Germany.

All services will be provided from the Amsterdam office.

#1 in Europe
Tom Arends, the CEO of Peaks, sees great potential in Germany: “The German market is huge. Almost 60% of Germans are worried about their financial future and pension. And yet, more than 80% of Germans don’t invest to build up a nest egg.” Peaks’ mission is to make investing widely accessible, so that anyone can take their financial future into their own hands. Arends: “To achieve our mission we are determined to become the #1 investment app in Europe.”

Since launching in the Netherlands almost two years ago, the Peaks app has been downloaded more than 250,000 times. Arends: “Now that we have proved that our app is relevant and adds value to people’s lives, it’s time for the next step: making our app available in Germany.”

Hurdles in Germany
Just like in the Netherlands, there are a lot of people in Germany who are worried about their financial future. Another similarity with the Dutch is that they are risk-averse and feel that they have to cross a lot of hurdles to start investing. Arends: “People think they have to know a lot about investing before they can start. It also doesn’t help that a lot of investment companies in Germany require a high initial deposit and mainly serve traders or older people with lots of money.”

Easy to use investment app
Peaks removes these hurdles by helping people to automatically deposit small amounts of money into their Peaks account. The money is then invested in a globally diversified portfolio with sustainable index funds. Because you can already start with as little as €1, the barrier to invest is very low. The global diversification limits the amount of risk, the app is user-friendly and we communicate as clearly and straightforwardly as possible. So even the biggest financial nitwit can start investing. Thanks to Peaks.

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