Yolus releases JDBC interface

Source: Yolus

Financial technology vendor Yolus has released a JDBC API as an addition to its Java and C APIs.

The Yolus JDBC API allows the Yolus Server to be queried as though it were a relational database. This means that third party applications that use JDBC, such as Crystal Reports, can directly query the Yolus server. This makes integration into existing reporting architectures even easier and faster.

In addition there are commercially available ODBC-JDBC bridges and ADO.NET-JDBC bridges. By combining such a bridge with the Yolus JDBC Driver the Yolus system can be queried using ODBC or ADO.NET. This makes it possible to query Yolus from any .NET language and any ODBC aware application, meaning for example, that data could be loaded directly from the Yolus Server into Microsoft Excel.

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