InvestCloud releases Open CRM for investment managers

Source: InvestCloud

InvestCloud, a platform for the development of financial digital solutions, pre-integrated into the cloud with $2 trillion+ in assets, has released Open CRM, an enhanced customer relationship management system.

Open CRM was created specifically for use in the investment management industry. The company also announced Integrated CRM, designed to overlay a client’s existing systems while leveraging the capabilities of the full version.

Previously, CRM systems required a significant portion of a firm’s IT budget, yet offered a limited, one-size-fits-all approach. To address this challenge, InvestCloud has created a system designed specifically for investment managers. Open CRM goes beyond simple sales pipeline management to offer comprehensive relationship management features. Open CRM enables clients or advisors to enter information directly during onboarding or financial planning processes, and provides automation around the entire client relationship management lifecycle.

InvestCloud’s Integrated CRM complements and expands on a firm’s legacy CRM system. It uses InvestCloud’s own Digital Warehouse with more than 1,000 APIs, enabling advisors to integrate existing CRM data and provide a comprehensive understanding of all client information. By integrating CRM across all functions, wealth managers can scale automation -- reducing costs and improving insights.

With InvestCloud’s CRM solution advisors and managers can use data to apply behavioral science techniques to further engage users. This also allows managers to track how clients’ behavior changes over time using predictive analytics to anticipate needs, and as a result, increases user adoption and enables managers and advisors to focus on value-add activities.

Yaela Shamberg, Head of Product at InvestCloud, said, “Integrated and Open CRM solutions are our response to our clients’ needs for comprehensive, synchronized and easy-to-use customer and data management solutions. If advisors want to future-proof their business, it’s vital they equip themselves with the right tools. A modern, automated CRM system should be at the heart of every digital offering.”

John Wise, Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman at InvestCloud, said: “Legacy CRM systems are often the most expensive item on the IT budget. Our solutions have been designed from the ground up to work specifically with financial advisors and asset managers at any sized firm - tailored to provide a great experience and offer valuable insights. It’s a CRM for the 21st century investment business.”

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