Planixs adds AI to real-time liquidity product

Source: Planixs

Planixs, the leading provider of real time, intraday cash, collateral and liquidity management solutions, today announced the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its existing product suite.

Planixs’ product suite, Realiti, is built on Graphite - its award-winning technology platform that is one of the most scalable and performant technology platforms in the industry. Cloud native Graphite, which already contains built in machine learning and data science, will now include advanced AI technology to take its cash, collateral and liquidity management products to the next level. Partnering with a leading AI firm from Silicon Valley and working with key strategic customers, Planixs is introducing AI to deliver optimum business outcomes across Treasury, Risk and Operations. This includes capabilities such as: forecasting intraday balances based on historical profiles and booked activity; optimising liquidity positions by identifying opportunities to sweep balances, throttle payments and generate cash via same-day repos; providing early warning of issues as balances deviate from forecast.

“This is a natural extension of our existing platform and will provide our customers with real time AI capabilities to deliver lower operational costs and the required intelligent insight for optimum business performance”, said Neville Roberts, Planixs’ CEO. “This continues our commitment to customers to future proof their selection of Realiti and continue to invest in the latest technology delivering scalable, real time solutions in the intraday cash, collateral and liquidity management space”.

Planixs’ Realiti continues to be the pioneering intraday cash, collateral and liquidity management solution with live implementations at global scale. Its SaaS or on premise delivery models and high performance and scalable architecture mean that Realiti can be deployed with minimal intrusion to a bank’s infrastructure, rapidly delivering business value.

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