AI intelligence platform Arkera launches Atlas Live

Source: Arkera

Arkera, a leading AI-powered, human enhanced, intelligence platform for institutional and corporate clients, today announces the launch of second-generation product, Atlas Live.

Arkera is releasing its next-generation product ahead of the IMF’s Annual Meeting, held in Washington D.C. 14-20 October 2019. Atlas Live will deliver a live stream of “risk-critical” local intelligence via web and API, that will benefit key decision and policymakers in governments, central banks, and multilateral organizations as well as investment managers, strategists and researchers at SWFs, investment funds and traders at hedge funds, banks and asset managers.

Current users of the Atlas platform are sophisticated hedge funds and tier one banks seeking the most risk-critical, locally sourced, intelligence not available elsewhere. Investors are surrounded by noise and struggle to access the relevant information at the relevant time.

“We give our clients real-time insight into the entire news cycle and volatility surface of an event, which means they can trade in and out multiple times during the cycle,” explains Vinit Sahni, Co-CEO of Arkera.

“With Atlas Live, clients now have the opportunity to capture several price moves, not just the one outcome that other sources provide. Feedback from our existing clients show that there is a clear arbitrage between what our platform offers and the information available to those relying on other sources of intelligence. “

Having built and led global business divisions for leading institutional investors and banking groups, Vinit Sahni and Nav Gupta founded Arkera in 2015 and are looking to build on a £4 million pre-Series A funding round completed in 2018 that attracted investment from blue-chip investors.

The company is currently undertaking Series A fundraising round as it seeks to raise over £5 million to invest in new technology, expand the breadth of its products and provide further momentum to its ambitious growth strategy. Current investors in Arkera include; Alan Howard (Co-Founder Brevan Howard), XTX Markets, Paul Walker (Former Co-Head of Technology Goldman Sachs), Henry Ritchotte (Former COO, Deutsche Bank), Mohsen Fahmi (Managing Director, PIMCO) and Zar Amrolia (Co-CEO XTX Markets).

Nav Gupta Co-CEO adds: “We created Arkera in direct response to our own experiences at some of the world’s largest banks and hedge funds, dealing with the growing information challenges that investors and institutions face today. Our aim is to inform our clients of relevant intelligence in advance of it reaching mainstream media sources, helping them to improve their risk management and decision-making processes. We want our clients to finally anchor their strategy and opinion on a reliable intelligence framework, Arkera’s Atlas Live is designed to be part of their decision process.”

“The geopolitical, economic, regulatory and competitive pressures faced by institutions means they simply don’t have the technology or resources to mine the sheer volume of data in non-linear geopolitical and economic markets.

“We are excited to launch Atlas Live, incorporating crucial feedback from our clients. We look forward to broadening our investor base and continuing to help our clients in the race to be the first to the source, understand and act upon relevant intelligence.” 

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