Phoebus Software opens innovation hub

Source: Phoebus Software

Phoebus Software Ltd (PSL) has launched an Innovation Hub to focus on providing digital and core product developments for new and existing clients.

The Hub is based in separate offices to PSL’s main headquarters allowing a dedicated team to drive innovation away from ‘business as usual’ client activities. The investment in the Hub is backed by PSL’s continued investment in its Research & Development programme.

The PSL innovation team is focussing on several areas initially: the automation of operational activities associated with the development and deployment of software; modernisation of the Phoebus product; developing new self-service capabilities for PSL clients to offer to their customers and the continued development of APIs in line with PSL’s digital strategy. All of these have been prioritised in line with client feedback and market requirements.

A first major deliverable was the launch of the Phoebus migrations API. This allows as much automation as is possible around this mission critical process and will allow PSL clients to undertake more migrations projects themselves without the reliance on PSL staff to undertake so much work.

Phoebus Software Limited’s chief technology officer, Neil Dyke, says, “PSL is a rapidly expanding, client-focused software development company, but this speed of growth brings the enviable challenges of a client base that rightfully requires higher levels of engagement. Client care remains at the heart of our business, but this new facility means we are also able to also focus on innovation to ensure that we are at the forefront of our client requirements both now and in the future.”  

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