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Epiphany banking tech platform ready for user testing; wins Sistemi Informativi deal

Source: Epiphany

Epiphany, the full-stack digital banking start-up, founded in Italy and operating globally, has two major announcements this week.

• Sistemi Informativi, an IBM company, choses Epiphany to help Banks across Europe accelerate PSD2 compliance and Open Banking value creation.

• Epiphany announces early test program for new innovation platform, for banks who want to create new open banking experiences and modernize core banking systems.

Sistemi Informativi and Epiphany Partnership
Epiphany has been selected by Sistemi Informativi, to augment its “eXtended Financial” offering (“XF”) with Epiphany’s PSD2 Compliance capability. This solution will help Sistemi Informativi’s bank clients become compliant in the fastest time possible. Beyond the PSD2 compliance capability, the Epiphany platform will help SI facilitate Open Banking applications development, core banking legacy modernization and deliver packaged Open Banking applications to help banks deliver better banking experiences to their end-customers.
The XF information system offered by Sistemi Informativi (“SI”) is used by more than 40 financial institutions across Europe, and with the inclusion of Epiphany’s capabilities it will extend SI’s ability to deliver even more offerings to existing and net new clients, who wish to embark on the digital transformation journey. With the first step being PSD2 compliance.

Included in this partnership arrangement:
• Epiphany provides Sistemi Informativi with a full-stack digital banking platform that is certified on the IBM Technology Stack, for both Cloud or on-prem use.
• Sistemi Informativi’s bank clients who subscribe to XF, can subscribe to the Epiphany PSD2 compliance package and become compliant quickly.
• Sistemi Informativi’s bank clients, upon subscribing to Epiphany’s PSD2 capabilities, can take full advantage of the Third-Party Provider (TPP) management and security modules within Epiphany, to immediately create TPP charge back processes and quickly monetize this new paradigm.
• Additionally, SI’s bank clients can subscribe to any of the Epiphany pre-packaged applications that run on the platform to quickly deliver new open banking experiences to their end customers. Applications such as:
o Account Aggregation (giving end customers a “single pane of glass” banking app across multiple financial institutions),
o InstaPay App (instant one-click payment app that points to any account and delivers a loyalty card option),
o InstaScore App (a quick microcredit scoring app),
o and a host of other Epiphany developed as well as 3rd party developed applications including security and privacy offerings.

“Our collaboration with Sistemi Informativi is very exciting. We were able to prove our solution in just a few short weeks during the Proof of Concept phase, and now the sky is the limit, in terms of what we can offer Sistemi Informativi and what they in turn can offer their bank clients, and ultimately the experiences banking those end-customers get to enjoy. It’s a trickledown effect, where everyone is a winner! And in this fast-paced world, we humans need banking experiences that revolve around us, and not the other way round!” says Paolo Spadafora, CEO and Founder of Epiphany.

Massimiliano Silvi, Financial Services Sector Growth and Transformation Manager at Sistemi Informativi says “There are plenty of startups and fintechs around, but what was important to us was to find a partner who would 1) stand by us, hand in hand; 2) who had deep software expertise and 3) who really understood the banking universe. We found all 3 of these attributes in one company - Epiphany. They understand how banks operate; the level of complexity they are dealing with, the regulatory pressure they are under, and how things really work under the covers. And they are software developers who care, which we appreciated. We are very pleased to be offering what might be one of the ‘fastest PSD2 compliance solutions in Europe’. But, moreover, we are excited that this partnership can help us go beyond PSD2 compliance and into the realm of helping banks really leverage the open banking paradigm to create sustainable value”.

The Epiphany innovation platform is now Available for Early Testing
Epiphany’s research investments, software engineering excellence and long-range view of banking has culminated in the delivery of a new platform, specifically designed to bring together Banks and FinTechs to inspire and accelerate innovation of next generation digital banking experiences and to facilitate core banking modernization. Ultimately the use of the platform will result in benefits such as faster time to market, improved customer experiences, less churn/greater customer retention and deeper customer penetration for banks, and broader exposure for Fintechs.

The Epiphany innovation platform is loaded with resources to help developers design, build, integrate, test, deploy and even market high-value banking experiences that meet the high demands, specific preferences and speed of our lives.

This platform is now available for early testing by banks, and Epiphany is offering a limited time, “early adopter” program to 5 European banks. The benefits of the program include:
• Free use of the platform and related toolset to design, build, test, deploy new open banking experiences for 1 year.
• One free Design Thinking Workshop with a Cx facilitator, to support the design of a new banking experience.
• Free use of the new pre-built Epiphany banking experiences: Account Aggregation, InstaPay and InstaScore for a period of 1 year.
• Free use of the innovation platform’s API library and/or the ability to develop new APIs from scratch, on the platform, for a period of 1 year.
• Optional participation in the Epiphany Customer Advisory Board to help shape and influence future capabilities, feature sets and the overall platform experience.

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