Tinkoff launches social network for investors

Source: Tinkoff

Tinkoff is launching Pulse, a free social network for investors, accessible via the Tinkoff Investments mobile app.

An innovative user-friendly service, Pulse will allow users to meet traders, follow other investors, share trading ideas, as well as exchange tips about using Tinkoff's brokerage platform. Using external websites or forums to discuss transactions and market news is becoming obsolete. From now on, the Tinkoff Investments mobile app will be a one-stop shop for all communication.

“Today, we can see a new generation of retail investors, who opt for the most convenient and feature-rich trading channels. Pulse will help traders learn from each other and improve their strategies. Unlike our peers with similar solutions, we are creating a community for the greatest possible number of people, not only catering to seasoned investors. The users will see a variety of investment strategies offering insights into the market. For each portfolio, Pulse will show corresponding transactions, assets, issuers, industries and currencies together with its monetary value and annual return. All these details will provide a solid basis for making crucial trading decisions,” said Alexander Emeshev, Vice President, New Products Development at Tinkoff.

Pulse will be available to all customers who have opened a brokerage account with Tinkoff Investments. Users will be able to:

make posts (initially only text, with photo and video functionality to be added later), add comments, like others people’s posts, tag securities from the Tinkoff catalogue (clicking on a tag will open the page with the details);

follow other users and view their profiles, including posts, comments, investment portfolios and track record;

discuss specific stocks and view all related posts on dedicated pages;

receive alerts about new posts and transactions made by the users they follow.

Going forward, users will be able to monetise their activity on the social network by taking part in contests to win prizes, as well as by qualifying for Tinkoff rewards for quality content and profile popularity in the future.

To join the social network, users will need to update their Tinkoff Investments mobile app to version 4.0, register a profile by selecting a nickname, adding a photo and a profile description, and indicate topics of interest. Tinkoff will then connect you with a number of matching profiles.

Pulse is currently in the beta testing stage, but as early as next week it will be available to all Tinkoff Investments customers on Android and later on iOS devices. In the future, the new service will be accessible via Tinkoff.ru.

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