Monevo joins forces with usave

Source: Monevo

Monevo, Europe’s largest lending marketplace and platform, has announced it has partnered with yet another brand seeking to improve their customers’ access to credit, usave.

usave joins a host of other brands seeking to improve their customers’ access to credit by choosing Monevo to power their lending marketplace. The partnership means that for the first time usave’s customers can now complete an application for credit and receive personalised loan offers all within the usave UX.

Monevo is the most flexible lending platform available. The Monevo API can poll real time results back to integrated partners’ systems or, alternatively, can support various lighter integration options including embeddable widgets, hosted results pages and entire white label websites.

usave is a leading domestic utilities comparison site focused on delivering opportunities for savings on broadband and energy plans to its 10,000s of users. Given the company's aim of improving their users' access to the best products and services, expanding their repertoire by offering a loan comparison service was the perfect next step, and Monevo are the perfect fit to support the usave lending marketplace.

Tim Kirby, Group Commercial Director at Monevo said: “The Monevo marketplace platform has a single goal; to improve consumers’ access to credit. usave and Monevo is a natural partnership, usave shares Monevo’s passion to innovate and provide world-class products and services.

“Consumers want tech to do their heavy lifting when it comes to finding the right products online. Marketplace solutions are common place in other verticals, take and for example. Monevo creates the same user experience when seeking a personal loan. Our deep data insights and AI returns the consumer a personalised, pre-approved table of loan offers from Monevo’s fifty plus panel of lenders. Results are all served within the partners branded environment, and, importantly with extremely little development requirement by the hosting partner.”

James Wittams-Smith, managing director at usave said: “We can now present pre-approved loan offers from Monevo’s panel of personal loan lenders natively within our own environment. At usave we have led the way in allowing consumers to compare energy and broadband deals. Giving our customers access to personal loan options from over 50 lenders by partnering with Monevo supports our strategy of constantly seeking to deliver the best possible consumer outcomes in the market.”

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