Sberbank broadens service for transferring money for withdrawal from ATMs

Source: Sberbank

Sberbank announces that the service for transferring money for withdrawal from ATMs is broadened: now any user of Sberbank Online can transfer money in any region of the country.

The transfer can be made using Sberbank Online: it is enough to know the phone number or full name of recipient. The money can be received at any ATM of Sberbank with a cash withdrawal function or in the bank’s offices in all regions of the country. You should input a secret code that will be sent in a text message to receive the transfer; the sender can cancel the transfer until it is received. It is possible to transfer up to RUB 150,000 in a day.

Vice President and Director of the Payments and Transfers Division Igor Mamontov:

“We aim to provide citizens a whole variety of possibilities to exchange money. We launched the service for transferring money for withdrawal from ATMs in the beginning of the summer, and about 100,000 people have already used it. The main advantage of this service is the fact that anyone can receive a transfer in a wide range of our offices and ATMs even without owning a card.”

The commission for using the new service is lower than for transferring cash at offices: 1.5% of the transfer amount, minimum RUB 30 and not more than RUB 1,000. During the operation, Sberbank informs the sender and recipient about all changes to the transfer status. For example, the bank will send a text message when the transfer is paid.

Previously, users of Sberbank Online from 27 regions of Russia which are serviced by the Severo-Zapadny, Volgo-Vyatsky and Povolzhsky Banks of Sberbank were able to use the service.

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