Banco Galicia implements Strands' PFM

Source: Strands

Argentina’s largest domestic private bank Banco Galicia has incorporated Strands’ Personal Finance Management (PFM) solution in order to offer more innovative and personalized digital banking.

The tool, available to all of the bank’s customer segments, is integrated with Banco Galicia’s existing systems, complementing its current offer in a homogeneous way through custom-made functionalities, in accordance with its corporate image.

The implementation of PFM is a firm commitment on the part of Banco Galicia to help its customers to develop smart spending habits, through a digital banking solution that offers them a clearer, easier way to manage their finances.

"With this new application, we analyze all the data related to income and expenses, and we provide users with the possibility of gaining a better understanding of how they spend their money. For example, our customers have all their spending organized in their mobile phones, as the app automatically groups expenses into categories so that they can be better managed", says Fernando Giannoni, Digital Channels Manager at Banco Galicia.

As a fundamental part of its strategic vision to innovate in digital platforms, Banco Galicia found in Strands the ideal partner to implement this solution, and thus adding value to its wide portfolio of products.

Pablo Gutierrez Oyhanarte, Manager of Banco Galicia Move, said: "For this technological development, we partnered with Strands, a world-class FinTech. The application provides clients with a more detailed system to manage their transactions which, in the long run, becomes a tool for financial education".

Erik Brieva, CEO of Strands, says: "Banco Galicia is the most pioneering national financial institution in Argentina and one of the most innovative in Latin America. We are very proud to collaborate in its digital initiatives and help the bank attract, retain and empower customers.”

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