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Ficanex and Ada team on AI-powered chatbot for Canadian FIs

Source: Ficanex

Ficanex and Ada today announced the release of tunl.chatTM, an AI-powered chatbot that provides more than 175 financial institutions across Canada with another channel to support approximately 8 million customers.

Financial institutions can brand and tailor tunl.chat to suit their unique requirements and deploy the chatbot within their website and mobile apps. Nine financial institutions, including FirstOntario Credit Union and Kawartha Credit Union in Ontario, plus BlueShore Financial and First West Credit Union in B.C., have already committed to adopt the service. Initial implementation projects are scheduled to commence September 2019.

Ada is a leader in automated customer experience (ACX) and was chosen by FICANEX, an industry-leading provider of innovative financial services solutions to Canadian financial institutions, because of its proven track record of providing an effective and continually advancing infrastructure. While saving consumers time in engaging with organizations for service or support, the Ada platform lowers operational costs for organizations; it is also designed to be implemented and used by customer service teams without the need for in-house technical support. In addition to automating answers to common questions, the chatbot platform can be deployed by FICANEX member financial institutions with as many customer service scenarios as they may require, including every-day banking transactions. Those financial institutions that offer live chat can also use tunl.chat to take advantage of the newly released Ada Glass to instantly connect customers to a live agent from an automated chat.

tunl.chat is the culmination of collaboration among some of the best technology providers in Canada to deliver a service that connects one of the largest inter-financial institution networks in the country with Ada’s advanced customer service capabilities. The collaboration allows integration by member financial institutions that may not have otherwise had the opportunity to realize the significant benefits of Ada’s AI-powered platform.

FICANEX member financial institutions can now easily and securely integrate a customer support chatbot into their organizations with minimal cost and effort using tunl.chat. tunl.chat reduces customer service costs and increases sales opportunities by allowing staff to focus on high-value customer interactions. Access to extensive data analytics will help financial institutions identify key opportunities to improve the customer experience, and nationally-aggregated pricing based on combined chat volumes further improves the overall value of the chatbot.

“By partnering with Ada, FICANEX is able to deliver tunl.chat as a tool that enables conversational banking, which is rapidly becoming a critical part of the customer experience,” said Andrew Obee, president and CEO of FICANEX. “Today’s consumers want instant access to information pertaining to a financial institution’s service offerings, which current channels just don’t facilitate well enough. It is increasingly important to equip consumers with a tool they can use to get fast, contextual answers to their questions, without having to turn their search for information into a weekend project. These benefits extend to financial institutions, enabling them to realize decreased costs-to-serve and increased share-of-wallet by adding a self-learning chatbot to current customer communication channels.”

“Our goal at Ada is to make the support experience better for the customer, the agent, and the customer experience team,” said Mike Murchison, CEO of Ada. “By partnering with FICANEX, we can bring the simplicity of our solution to millions of banking customers that will benefit from access to support when and where they need it. This also provides member financial institutions with the added advantage of being able to efficiently and effectively support their customers using an easily customizable platform.” 

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