BlueSnap to offer chargeback protection with Chargebacks911

Source: BlueSnap

BlueSnap, an online payments technology company, today announced a partnership with Chargebacks911, a technology platform provider for loss prevention and dispute management, to offer comprehensive dispute management tools to users of BlueSnap’s payment processing solutions.

With built-in capabilities powered by Chargebacks911, BlueSnap customers now have the ability to access advanced mitigation services - as well as industry-leading chargeback prevention and management tools - through BlueSnap’s exclusive All-in-One Payment Platform.

This seamless integration between BlueSnap’s online payment solutions and Chargebacks911’s proprietary systems and technology gives customers the best of both worlds: an all-inclusive payment processing platform combined with award-winning dispute services that address every stage of the chargeback cycle.

“This partnership allows us to facilitate the chargeback dispute process for our customers and provides them with comprehensive reporting and analytics, as well as the opportunity to have the dispute process fully managed on their behalf,” said Manny Pansa, SVP, Head of Product & Account Management at BlueSnap.

A serious - and often overlooked - threat to merchants’ sustainability and revenue, chargebacks already cost merchants over £100 billion every year. The partnership between BlueSnap and Chargebacks911 means merchants of all sizes can now access the industry’s most advanced chargeback prevention and revenue recovery solutions.

“We’re very proud to have been chosen as BlueSnap’s technology platform in chargeback management,” said Eric Deraspe, Head of Product at Chargebacks911. “We’re always looking to build relationships with the best solution providers in the market. Providing intelligent tools that aid in managing and mitigating disputes, coupled with brilliant payment technology BlueSnap is known for, is a win-win for everyone.”

With the choice of full- or self-service programs, BlueSnap customers can choose the level of assistance they need. The native integration features a simple, streamlined setup and single log-in access as well as comprehensive reporting and analytics to help merchants understand chargeback transactions.

Users will also be able to reduce the number of incoming chargebacks automatically through Visa’s new feature Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI).

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