Kaleyra and Epiphany form Open Banking partnership

Source: Kaleyra

Kaleyra, an international leader in mobile messaging services for banks and companies of all sizes, and Epiphany, a technology start-up born in Italy and operating globally, specialised in digital banking solutions that “open up” open banking, have signed a partnership agreement to jointly support banks in their digital transformation efforts, from basic PSD2 compliance to delivering new banking experiences, to enabling core banking modernization.

With things coming to a head on September 14th, 2019 relative to PSD2 compliance, these two firms are well positioned to support a paradigm shift, the likes of which will redefine the role of financial institutions in their broadest sense in Europe.

Paolo Spadafora, Founder and CEO of Epiphany, states that “We don’t view activities such as PSD2, Open Banking & Modernization as mutually exclusive. We believe that one initiative should support and feed the other in the banking world. Given our tenure as banking system developers and integrators, we felt that we could combine the different solutions in our full-stack digital platform to help banks to achieve a thoughtful and cohesive way to operate.”

In this scenario, Kaleyra and Epiphany’s collaboration will immediately aim at helping their joint customers, with PSD2 compliance solutions, as well as ready-to-use products and tailor-made solutions - such as Instapay and Account Aggregation - that meet all the security criteria required by the banking system. Through this partnership and thanks to their converged capabilities and platforms, the two companies will launch and deliver more banking experiences to the open banking market.

September 14th will be the starting point, not the finishing point. "Banks currently appear to be concentrating on adapting their infrastructure to the regulations, but this will only be the beginning" - explains Alex Milani, Managing Director of Kaleyra. "If they want to remain competitive, they must be able to move as quickly as possible to the development of new, advanced solutions."

Epiphany’s Full Stack Digital Banking platform is the result of a deep knowledge in systems development and integration expertise with banks, and the outcome of over two years of focused development by the company's all-Italian "code factory". It is equipped with a sandbox and developer portal, to allow developers of banks and Fintech to quickly create the new products they need, thus reducing product delivery times and ensuring rapid monetization of innovative services aimed at the real needs of the customer.

Kaleyra, on the other hand, has an incredible track record in the banking sector: through its platform, it provides banks with a series of services to communicate effectively with its customers via mobile, notifications and SMS.

"Our company is now playing a global game, we are present in Europe, Asia and the United States. Through this partnership we will have additional capabilities and tools to compete in such a scenario, where there are few large groups and where the variety of the offer can make a difference," clarifies Milani.

“A close collaboration with partners such as Kaleyra and Epiphany, who specialise in developing innovative services focused on the user experience, is the key to allowing banks to be the only financial management interface, able to offer technologically advanced products with the standards of security and confidentiality that only a banking brand can guarantee”, concludes Spadafora.

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