N26 launches N26 You: premium accounts focused on personalisation

Source: N26

Today, the mobile bank N26 announced the launch of its premium product N26 You, replacing N26 Black.

The You membership’s focus on personalisation is the next big step in N26’s mission to give everyone the opportunity to bank and live their own way. With the new N26 You membership, N26 recognises the highly individual nature of personal finance by offering more opportunities to build a tailored digital banking experience aligned with customers' daily financial needs.

Customers can now choose from five different colours for their Mastercard - Aqua, Rhubarb, Sand, Slate and Ocean - to reflect their personality and needs. In addition, N26 You customers can customise their N26 app icon and gain access to ten Spaces. This is one of N26’s most popular features, providing a fast and easy way to set aside money based on users’ personal preferences and goals.

N26 You also enables travelers to bank without borders, free from exchange fees when withdrawing cash abroad or making payments in foreign currencies. N26 You will also soon introduce several hand-picked partner offers, enabling customers to save money with additional discounts at WeWork, Babbel, Blinkist and Bloom & Wild, amongst others.

Valentin Stalf, founder and CEO of N26: “People‘s finances are personal and connected to their individual needs. We believe that banking needs to be this way too, and N26 You shows that banking can be stylish while also adapting to a customer’s way of life. With N26 You, N26 is reinventing its premium memberships, moving towards a more personalised and individual banking experience. We look forward to introducing many more features in the next 6 months.”

N26 You is available for £4.90 per month.

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