SEB and SAS co-invest in Combient mix to build AI hub for Nordic industries

Source: Combient

Backed by their network of Nordic large enterprises, Combient is scaling its leading AI service with SEB and SAS co-investing in the spin-off Combient mix.

Combient is building a full-scale hub to strengthen AI capabilities across Nordic industries.

Since the start in early 2015, Combient have been able to deliver best in class AI and automation services to their network of large enterprises. In order to further scale the efforts across the Nordics, while ensuring a responsible and holistic approach to AI, Combient have founded a subsidiary - Combient mix.

The goal with Combient mix is to build a full-scale AI hub providing services that are fuelled by specialized products, services and research to increase capability and speed in AI and automation across Nordic industries.

“One of the biggest blockers for scaling up AI initiatives is access to the right talent. The demand for competence that can solve the really complex AI challenges is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. With Combient mix, we are equipped to attract and secure the absolute top talent for our network of companies while accelerating progress in the field by collaborating across industries and countries,” says Mats Agervi, CEO Combient and Chairman of Combient mix.

SEB and SAS are paving the way, co-investing in Combient mix to secure AI competence.

“Data is a key asset for SEB and its customers. Using AI ethically and efficiently to serve our customers is therefore a priority for us. By leveraging a unique competency pool like Combient mix together with other Combient companies, we take the natural next step into this area,” says Nicholas Moch, Chief Information Officer, SEB.

“We constantly strive to optimize every process in our complex environment - from planning, staff scheduling, maintenance of aircraft to sales and customer care. In order for SAS to succeed in an increasingly competitive market with small margins and high ambitions on CO2 reductions we see enormous potential in AI and automation. Our investment in Combient mix gives us unique knowledge and will enable our transformation towards a data driven, automatized and intelligent airline and a more sustainable aviation,” says Mattias Forsberg, CIO, SAS.

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