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Small World to tap Credorax Insights platform

Source: Credorax

Credorax, the licensed NextGen merchant acquiring bank providing cross-border processing for ecommerce and omnichannel payments, announced today its partnership with Small World, a leading global money transfer service provider.

Small World will benefit from Credorax’s smart payments solution, including its Insights platform providing real-time data, and financial services enabling payment acceptance from terminals across the region. One of the first technology companies with a European banking license and worldwide processing capabilities, Credorax will provide a suite of products and services customized to help Small World streamline its European activity.

The solution is tailor-made for Small World, built in conjunction with two other leading service providers to create an end-to-end offering encompassing logistics, tech provider and platform. Credorax will provide the financial back-end infrastructure, state-of-the-art acquiring services, transparent reporting, competitive fees and card acceptance. As part of this solution, NMI will provide the front-end gateway and technology to operate terminals across Europe and Hemisphere West will be managing logistics and installations.

“This is an exciting time for Small World, with rapid growth across our branded global service and digital solution, said Nick Day, CEO and Founder of Small World. “Expanding globally requires the most robust and scalable solution available and Credorax was the obvious choice. With a quick and easy implementation, we have the benefits of Credorax’s suite of services - smart acquiring, payment acceptance, backend insights, clear reporting tools, user-friendly interface, account management and fee transparency.”

Small World works across many geographical borders with complex and diverse needs focused on providing customers with the best payment experience. This results in logistical complexities and a lack of transparency in reporting for Small World. With Credorax’s back-end platform, Small World will be able to consolidate all activity and accept payments from terminals across Europe, regardless of location.

“We are heading to a future of unified transparent solutions in the global payment space,” said Alon Bigler, VP Business Development at Credorax. “We are thrilled to help Small World usher in this new era, providing our unified solution for their diverse payment needs across Europe.”

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