Ethereum-powered TokenCard hits iOS App Store

Source: TokenCard

If you’re looking to cut your ties to big banks and corporations, TokenCard, the first ever Ethereum-powered banking alternative is giving you the tools to do it.

Launching today on the iOS App Store in the UK and EEA, TokenCard allows you to live your life on Ethereum by letting you store, send, and receive assets in a secure, decentralised Contract Wallet, and pay for everyday purchases with the TokenCard Visa card.

What’s more: the first 1,000 people who sign up to use the card will get $15 worth of DAI — the Ethereum-powered stablecoin — credited to their account. The perfect decentralised starter pack.


TokenCard is a non-custodial, fully decentralised, self-sovereign banking alternative powered by Ethereum.

That means you’re in control.

Using it you can securely send, receive, and hold your ETH and ERC-20 tokens in a fully decentralised Contract Wallet.
Plus, you can use the TokenCard app to convert tokens to fiat and preload your TokenCard Visa Debit card to spend anywhere that Visa is accepted, globally.

Need to pay a bill? You can pay with blockchain tokens. Buying cinema tickets? Pay with blockchain tokens. Sending money to a friend? Pay with blockchain tokens, all thanks to TokenCard’s unique system.

A new way

Mel Gelderman, CEO of TokenCard, says launching on the iOS App Store is the first step towards displacing the centralised economy of old with a smarter, more agile system that gives its users full control over their money.

“This is an opportunity for early adopters and crypto enthusiasts who want to make living a ‘tokenised’ life away from big banks and corporations a reality,” he said.

“Compared to other crypto card or wallet providers TokenCard makes daily token spending and storing really easy, accessible and secure without compromising on decentralisation. TokenCard will never touch user assets, they are theirs and theirs alone.”

TokenCard is not forgetting its first batch of users. Alongside the launch of the app, people who already signed up and who were actively using their card during the TokenCard alpha, have been rewarded with 50 TKN — TokenCard’s native cryptocurrency. 

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