Bank of America releases digital debit card

Source: Bank of America

Bank of America today announced the launch of a digital debit card and other enhancements to its award-winning mobile banking app designed to make it easier and more convenient for clients to manage their finances on the go.

These latest enhancements further advance the company’s high-tech and high-touch approach to helping clients meet their financial goals.

This digital debit card has the same protections and benefits of a physical debit card and is immediately available to use in the mobile app. Through the mobile app, eligible clients can request a digital debit card for a new or replacement debit card and then they can instantly and securely:

Pay in stores, in apps and online using a mobile wallet.
Shop online by accessing all necessary card details in the mobile app.
Get cash and make deposits at Bank of America’s cardless ATMs.

“Our goal is to bring never-before-possible convenience to clients,” said David Tyrie, head of advanced solutions and digital banking at Bank of America. “With our new digital debit card, clients can transact immediately and avoid waiting for their permanent card. This feature is one of several new digital offerings that reinforce our commitment to making clients’ financial lives easier.”

Bank of America is also rolling out Mobile Orders in the coming weeks, which allow clients to place orders for foreign currency and more through their mobile app and track progress:

Clients traveling internationally can plan ahead and easily order foreign currency, choose a specific financial center for pickup or have it delivered to their home, and receive notifications every step of the way ‒ all through the mobile app.
Small business clients can take advantage of Mobile Orders to preorder bills and coins in the denomination they need to keep their business moving. Clients can select a specific financial center for pickup and track their orders with real-time alerts and updates.

Javelin Strategy & Research recognizes mobile and online capabilities as the industry’s best

Bank of America was also recently recognized for excellence in mobile and online banking by Javelin Strategy & Research:

For the third consecutive year, Bank of America was named “Best in Class” in both the firm’s 2019 Mobile Banking Scorecard and Online Banking Scorecard.
The bank was named a leader in five separate categories: Ease of Use, Security Empowerment, Financial Fitness, Customer Service, and Account Opening.

Javelin Strategy & Research, a research-based advisory firm, measures digital solutions offered at several of the largest U.S. financial institutions. The mobile and online banking scorecards evaluate individual features based on their strategic value, tactical necessity and industry and consumer trends. The overall scores are a composite of six categories weighted by what consumers say is most important to their satisfaction with mobile and online banking.

Investing in the intersection of high-tech and high touch

Bank of America continues to invest in both its digital and physical presence, helping clients with their financial needs and delivering a seamless experience across all channels. As part of this high-tech, high-touch strategy, the company has:

Modernized and expanded its financial center and ATM network to deliver an enhanced experience to more than 66 million clients in new and existing markets
Demonstrated its commitment to building lifelong client relationships with Preferred Rewards, a first-of-its kind, comprehensive loyalty program

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