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Plaid to provide developers with holistic view of customer data

Source: Plaid

We’re excited to announce the launch of Investments, a product that enables developers, fintech apps, and financial institutions to create a holistic view of their customers’ investments, including account balances, holdings, and transactions.

The result of a highly collaborative effort across our newly integrated Plaid and Quovo teams in SF and NYC, Investments empowers customers with financial data to inform a consumer’s understanding and decisions about their financial well being. With Investments, Plaid’s platform can support the growth and scale necessary for today’s increasingly digital financial services offerings.
Product Overview

Investments is comprised of two endpoints—/investments/holdings/get and /investments/transactions/get—that can be used individually or in tandem, depending on the use case:

/investments/holdings/get returns a detailed profile of the holdings in an account, including, quantity, price, institution value (quantity * price), cost basis, and currency code.
/investments/transactions/get provides insight into transactions, such as buys, sells, and dividends. Response fields include transaction date, transaction type, quantity, amount, and fees.

A collection of identifiers for each security present in a response is included in each call to the Investments endpoints. Available fields include name, ticker, CUSIP/SEDOL and ISIN, security type, and close price.

All Plaid users can access account-level data and balance details as of the most recent market close via the /accounts/get endpoint.
Why did we build Investments?

Investment accounts are a crucial component of a person’s financial identity. From saving for a first home or a dream vacation, to preparing for retirement or a child’s college education, investment accounts such as individual brokerage accounts, 401(k)s, IRAs, or 529s are arguably the most important accounts for people to achieve their financial goals.

With connectivity to investment accounts, Plaid can serve a whole new set of use cases to enable developers, technology platforms, and financial institutions to deliver more insightful and compelling products. For example, PFM tools can allow users to link their investment accounts for a more comprehensive net worth view. Similarly, by enabling users to link their held-away accounts, financial advisors (robo or human) can provide more holistic advice, more accurate projections, and better communicate with users about important activities such as potential rollovers.

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