Model Office launches financial stress-test tool

Source: Model Office

Regulatory technology firm, Model Office, today announces the launch its new financial stress-test tool that will help advice firms easily identify areas they should focus their operational efforts to help them grow their businesses profitably and efficiently.

The “Key Financial Ratio Dashboard” tool, showcased at Intelliflo’s Change the Game conference earlier today (18 June), is a free add-on tool available to all Model Office subscribers.


The intuitive functionality tracks firms’ key performance indicators across critical business-health factors, including recurring revenue strength, income streams, gross and net profit, individual adviser productivity, assets under management and value of business (EBITDA).

The output report from the dashboard will immediately indicate how financially strong and robust the business is now and, more importantly, what actions are required to be a sustainable and profitable professional practice over the long term. Business owners will be able to prioritise operational change programs on criteria that is evidence based and relevant, ensuring the advice practise is future-proofed against micro and macro environmental challenges, including regulation.


The tool has been developed in collaboration with industry veteran, Phil Young, who is a Non-Executive Director of Model Office. He said: “The three most common question I get asked are ‘what is my business worth?’, ‘How can I improve that value?’, and ‘How is my business performing versus other firms?’. The new financial ratios in Model Office allow users to quickly get a value of their business, understand what adjustments they might want to make and compare this against peers. Whether you want to get sale ready, or just improve profitability long term, this is a quick tool to keep you on track.”


Chris Davies, founder of Model Office, said: “Our tool helps advice firms cut through the white-noise that too often just gets in the way of running a business. It will help our subscribers identify potential blindspots and weaknesses and provide instant, actionable MI to ensure they have a finger on their financial strength pulse.”


Model Office is already integrated with Intelliflo’s iO, and is currently in talks with various practice management firms with a view to integrating and automating much of the data input process.

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