Dolfin launches international payment card and app

Source: Dolfin

Dolfin, an independent and agile wealth management platform, has launched Dolfin Mastercard, a multi-currency payment card available exclusively to the firm’s private clients.

Dolfin Mastercard, which is a prepaid card linked to a client’s Dolfin Payment Account and managed via an app or online platform, provides three key benefits:
- the freedom to spend anywhere in the world while largely avoiding foreign transaction charges;
- the control to lock-in advantageous FX rates or create spending limits at any time; and
- the convenience of managing it all via an easy-to-use app on their phone.

The card lets clients efficiently manage payments from any location, by converting currencies in real time. Clients avoid foreign transaction charges on transactions in 14 currencies, including euros, US dollars and Hong Kong dollars. The card also allows users to transact in any other currency as long as they have the base currency, British pounds, on their card.

Sanjay Maraj, Chief Financial Officer at Dolfin, notes that the new card is designed with international clients in mind. “Dolfin Mastercard allows holders to lock in exchange rates in real time,” he says. “When doing so, they see the exchange rate and the amounts they will be buying or selling before they accept the transaction. The currency then appears instantly on the card and is ready to use.” Spending limits with a choice of four payment tiers are also available.

The card is linked to a dedicated app and online platform that provides clients with full control over their payments. From anywhere, at any time, they can top up and convert currencies, view transactions in real time, transfer funds to anyone else with a Dolfin Mastercard, or even block their card in the event of it being lost.

Amir Nabi, Chief Operating Officer at Dolfin, said: “The Dolfin Mastercard is another example of us being a true ‘one stop shop’ for our clients. And, although the operational enhancements needed to make it happen were significant, the experience for our clients is simple and seamless.”

Backed by the Mastercard global payment network and powered by the FCA-authorised international payment services provider Volopa, the Dolfin Mastercard is available now to all UK-resident Dolfin clients.

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