Signicat and collaborate on digital identity service in Germany

Source: Signicat

Signicat, a leader in verified digital identity, and, a new identity scheme launching in Germany, have partnered to integrate the open banking scheme into the Signicat Digital Identity Platform.

This new partnership will streamline secure customer on-boarding, easy authentication and electronic signing for users of the scheme.

yes® is an open scheme for banks, service providers, businesses and customers. Any company that wants to provide its customers with a secure and simple form of authentication and legally secure identification can use yes®, without the need for an additional login. Instead, customers use their existing online login from a participating bank, creating a smoother experience.

yes® will soon be available to around 35m users in Germany. Customers of savings banks and cooperative banks will soon be able to use their online banking details as a yes-enabled login and digital ID.

Businesses—those within Germany and those looking to conduct business there—can connect to the service through the Signicat platform and benefit from secure, verified customer on-boarding, authentication and electronic signing services, using customers’ existing credentials through their chosen online banking services.

“A big issue that digital identity schemes often have to overcome is they need to do two things at once—convince consumers to sign up, and convince businesses to accept the scheme,” said Gunnar Nordseth, Signicat CEO. “With around 35m users able to use yes without signup, it’s a service that is already some way to solving half of this tricky problem.”

“Today’s consumers are used to social media logins granting access to services quickly and simply," says Daniel Goldscheider, co-founder and CEO of, “We want to create that same level of ease but only for users we know we can trust—authorising payments, signing contracts, and more through a simple one-button interface. PSPs have had tremendous impact in the Payment space and we see Signicat as well positioned to replicate their success in the identity space.”

The yes® identity scheme is compliant with PSD2 and eIDAS regulations, as well as being a Europe-wide legally-compliant digital identity. yes® is also GwG-compliant and BaFin-regulated, and guarantees the highest standards in terms of security and data protection.

Signicat connects over 20 verified electronic identities (eIDs) from across Europe, as well as providing other verification methods such as ID scanning, registry lookups, and more. Furthermore Signicat offers authentication and electronic signing solutions that provides a comprehensive platform for engaging customers online.  

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