FOMO Pay and Discover Global netowrk team, up for card payments

Source: FOMO Pay

FOMO Pay, an award-winning integrated payment solution provider to merchants in Singapore and across the region, and Discover Global Network, announced a partnership to allow Discover Global Network cardholders the ability to use their cards at FOMO Pay’s merchants around the world.

The collaboration is a step towards positioning FOMO Pay as a leader in integrating new payment solutions for major financial institutions and merchants by giving them the ability to accept Discover Global Network cards.

Discover Global Network, which includes Discover, Diners Club and affiliate networks, has more than 44 million merchant acceptance locations and two million ATM and cash access locations across the globe. Through FOMO Pay’s extensive network of merchants that accept integrated payment methods, Discover Global Network cardholders will now be able to use their preferred payment method at many large-sized merchants’ businesses.

“We are excited to work with Discover and offer this option to their customer base,” said Louis Liu, CEO and co-founder of FOMO Pay. “Offering more payment solutions has always been our goal and this is also convenient for both merchants and consumers, especially those who like to travel without cash and wish to pay for these transactions easily.”

“Signing an agreement with FOMO Pay is part of our strategy to partner with organisations that will help our cardholders by expanding our acceptance worldwide,” said Amy Parsons, senior vice president of global acceptance at Discover. “FOMO Pay works with key merchants, many of which have a global e-commerce presence and are important to our cardholders.”

This partnership also continues to steer FOMO Pay in the direction of making cashless payments more efficient and convenient which is aligned with its current active role in making Singapore a cashless society.


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