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Groupama Asset Management deploys Appian’s low-code platform

Source: Appian

Appian (NASDAQ: APPN) today announced that Groupama Asset Management (GAM), a subsidiary of the Groupama Group, is deploying an application to manage the entire life cycle of its product offerings on Appian’s low-code platform.

Product development in asset management in financial services faces numerous challenges, from reducing the time between design and market launch, to creating complete offerings to fully meet customer needs. The previous solution, developed internally by Groupama Asset Management, served as a content repository and could no longer tackle these challenges.

Groupama Asset Management chose Appian for its ability to provide a central low-code platform and add new applications to provide additional value and help accelerate its deployment operations. Implementing Appian as the new platform for life-cycle management of its financial assets and insurance offerings will help the company digitise the entire process with intelligent automation.

Groupama AM wants to quickly and rapidly mobilise the company's resources for a new offer launch, providing them with dynamic view of the entire product pipeline at any time. This new application, OPEN, is for all of the companies marketing channels and the partner network.

“Asset management companies must be able to meet the need for more differentiation between offers for institutional and retail clients, while increasing personalisation, and optimizing operational costs,” says Guillaume Berthier, Head of Marketing at Groupama Asset Management.

“Appian’s low-code platform not only meets our Marketing Department's requirements, it also meets the IT department's criteria for rapid implementation, scalability and easy management,” emphasises Frédéric Verner, Head of IT at Groupama AM.

“Groupama Asset Management operates in a complex, highly regulated and ever-changing sector. Like other financial services and technology companies, Groupama Asset Management has to continuously keep pace with constant changes in its sector,” adds Xavier Grimaud, Appian’s Regional Vice President for France. “Our low-code platform provides our clients with the means to undertake their own digital transformation more rapidly, so they can be more responsive and seize new business opportunities.”

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