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Plaid releases fast integration toolkit

Source: Plaid

Today, we’re excited to deliver broader access to the financial system through Plaid Direct, our lightweight integration specification that allows banks and fintech applications to quickly and easily become a data source in the Plaid network.

By doing so, businesses can enable their customers to enjoy open banking-style connectivity across their toolkit of financial services providers.

The proliferation of fintech apps in recent years means that consumers now hold balances at more and more applications and institutions, including digital wallets, neobanks, and fintech brokerages. Coinciding with this expansion of financial services tools is the growing consumer expectation of seamless data portability across apps. This expectation makes account connectivity an important capability for providers seeking to deepen engagement and stickiness with their customers.

Once you have integrated via Plaid Direct, end users can select your institution or app in Plaid Link and connect their accounts with personal financial management apps, such as Drop and Qapital. Your customers can also use their accounts as a funding source for other services, such as Acorns and Coinbase.

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