Penta integrates with Debitoor e-invoicing program

Source: Penta

Penta customers can now save even more time and do their accounting with just a few clicks: The digital business account provider has integrated the Debitoor invoicing program.

Debitoor supports the self-employed, freelancers and small businesses in writing invoices and bookkeeping. Customers can use Debitoor to enter and manage receipts, send value added tax (VAT) returns, make an automatic payment reconciliation of earnings and expenditures, and create a tax consultant account for efficient cooperation.

This is how it works: Penta customers can link their account with Debitoor, so that all booked transactions are recorded by Debitoor in real time. Debitoor automatically and immediately compares each amount received with the respective invoices, and marks those that have not yet been paid. This is especially convenient for entrepreneurs, who normally have to check the payment status of their customers with arduous, time-consuming manual labor.

Lukas Zörner, Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Penta, says, "We don't just want to offer our customers a digital business account, we want to take care of all their financial needs so they can concentrate fully on their business. With the integration of Debitoor, the second invoicing program after Lexoffice, we are meeting one of our customers' most pressing needs, as determined by our regular feedback surveys, and expanding our range of digital financial services.”

Alessandro Justesen Leoni, CEO of Debitoor, says, "Digital banks like Penta are doing a great job by simplifying banking for small businesses. By combining Penta and Debitoor, we are going one step further by automating many accounting processes that small businesses would normally have to do all on their own. With Debitoor and Penta, they save time and avoid costly mistakes."

Access to Debitoor is included in both Penta's Advanced and Premium packages, in addition to many other features such as Business Debit MasterCards, access for employees and foreign payment transactions. Further new features, such as direct debits and loans, will follow in the coming months.

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