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US Dataworks launches Payment Case Manager to automate inter-bank messaging

Source: US Dataworks

US Dataworks, Inc., the leading payment and integrated receivables technology provider in the banking industry, is launching Payment Case Manager (PCM), a completely automated solution for secure bank-to-bank and related bank-to-customer communications required to resolve payment disputes and exceptions.

“In today’s world of automation it is puzzling that something as important as resolving payment disputes or errors relies solely on banks faxing information between each other,” stated David Peterson, President of U.S. Dataworks. “Our goal at U.S. Dataworks is to automate processes for banks and the customers they serve. The Payment Case Manager (PCM) system does just that by transforming tedious, manual Exception Case processes into a secure, automated service, accessible by all participants.”

Payment Case Manager can be used for ACH exceptions regardless of the ACH Operator. Case Requests can be initiated and electronically delivered to US Financial Institution. PCM is offered on a subscription basis, with several membership levels available based on the average number of cases per month. Guest accounts are also available for free, allowing banks to send Case Requests only to Full Subscribing Members.

ACH requests for Record of Authorization will be the initial case type supported by the PCM system, but additional payment case types will be added soon. 

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