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Samlink launches developer portal with XMLdation support

Source: XMLdation

Samlink selected XMLdation to enable the testing facilities offered to Third Party Providers related to PSD2 APIs.

XMLdation platform was implemented in due time well before the PSD2 deadline on March 14th 2019, helping Samlink to provide a regulatory-compliant solution to it's bank customers Oma Savings Bank, POP Bank and Savings Banks.

The XMLdation Sandbox supports the following features that developers typically need in order to test their applications against PSD2 API endpoints:
• A segregated testing area will be created for each developer upon registration. A set of test PSUs and accounts for them is created with fresh example data.
• Developers can manage their Sandbox through APIs - registering, resetting, etc. The data in the application is dynamic, ie it is updated as testing proceeds and on Sandbox resets.
• The Sandbox supports the full consent and payment authorization flow based on Oauth2
• Simulation of PSUs, ie customers and their accounts: Developers can authorize consents, payments and payment cancellations as test customers.

“By leveraging XMLdation, Samlink was able to comply with the PSD2 regulation first deadline requirements, saving valuable development time and effort. In addition, developers will value the possibility to create a real, production-like test environments when testing apps against Samlink APIs.” said David Garry, CTO, XMLdation. 

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