Founders Federal Credit Union signs for Corelation KeyStone platform.

Source: Corelation

Research. Analysis. Innovation. Three words that accurately describe the method in which Founders Federal Credit Union ($2.4B assets; 220,000 members; Lancaster, SC) conducted its search for the industry’s finest core processing system, ultimately selecting Corelation’s KeyStone platform.

“We developed an in-depth score card that steered our efforts, so we examined every aspect of a core solution along with its provider. The KeyStone platform offered unparalleled innovation and technology with its open API, and after transparent conversations with the Corelation team, we are certain we selected the right partner,” affirmed Founders Federal Credit Union CTO, Bob Bender.

When the credit union began its pursuit in 2012, it was approaching three decades of service with its current core system.
“Equipped with the knowledge of what members need from their primary financial institutions, we knew that it was more than what we are able to deliver with our resources today. We are determined in bringing innovation to serve our membership in a faster and more affordable manner so that we can provide the best member experience,” added Bender.

To shed some light on its extensive quest, the credit union’s core selection team consisted of 130+ employees. They attended multiple demos, sought answers related to critical operational processes, facilitated onsite discussions with Corelation’s executive team, and traveled far and wide to witness live KeyStone conversions (including Corelation’s largest client-to-date) – observing the system and the Corelation team.

“I am proud of every employee that has been involved with this process. We couldn’t be more prepared for this upcoming milestone. The KeyStone platform presents endless opportunities for credit unions to remain relevant with its system efficiencies and open architecture. With our research and enthusiasm, we anticipate a smooth conversion and are eager to implement forward-looking processes post-conversion,” complemented Bender.

“We are pleased to officially welcome Founders Federal Credit Union to our Corelation family. We understand that the core selection process can be lengthy and arduous, so we offer complete transparency into our company’s growth and success. We take pride in delivering a powerful platform to our credit union partners, which allows them to focus on meeting the needs of their membership,” remarked Corelation President/CEO Theresa Benavidez. 

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