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Surecomp launches innovation lab

Source: Surecomp

Surecomp, the global trade finance fintech leader, announced today the inauguration of SureLab, Surecomp’s newly established innovation lab.

SureLab was established to centralize Surecomp’s digitization initiatives thereby enabling Surecomp to maintain its position at the forefront of trade finance innovations. SureLab aims to introduce new technologies to the digital trade finance arena. During the first quarter of 2019 SureLab released two innovations; APIsure an open API platform and SureStore, the world’s first trade finance app store.

SureLab’s vision can be summed up in three words: ‘Simplify. Connect. Expand.’

Thanks to APIsure, core trade finance systems can be more connected than ever. APIsure simplifies the way banks connect their trade finance offerings including cloud capabilities. Apps for RPA and data analytics are currently available at SureStore. In the coming months, SureLab will be releasing additional innovations all of which will greatly enhance a trade finance developers’ ecosystem

Based in Israel’s Silicon Wadi, SureLab employs a multidisciplinary staff of technologists, developers, product managers and UX/UI specialists. Emerging technologies explored by SureLab include; distributed ledger/blockchain technologies, RPA, regtech, internet of things (IoT), and more. SureLab investigates how these technologies can best be utilized in trade finance areas such as supply chain, client interaction, open banking, back office processing and others. SureLab provides an incubation environment for Surecomp clients and third party fintech companies to mutually explore the optimal way to incorporate and leverage exciting new technologies.

“We are pleased to announce the inauguration of SureLab, which is poised to become a focal point in digital trade finance innovation,” said Eyal Hareuveny, Surecomp President. “We are confident that the innovations and services developed by SureLab will provide bottom-line benefits to our banking and corporate customers worldwide.”

“Collaborating with our customers and fintech partners, SureLab is now a fundamental part of the digital trade finance ecosystem,” added Lyron Wahrmann, Surecomp’s Head of Digitalization.  

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