Cardtronics implements FIS Cardless Cash across ATM fleet

Source: Cardtronics

Cardtronics, the world’s largest ATM owner and operator, has completed integration with FIS Cardless Cash. Currently, 11,000 ATMs have been enabled and an additional 8,000 ATMs are to be readied for cardless withdrawals over the next several months.

Cardless Cash leverages the FIS Mobile Banking app to allow consumers to withdraw funds without having to use a plastic card. The app acts as a remote control for the ATM, providing convenience, privacy and security to the consumer. Consumers use the app to pre-order a cash withdrawal. The app includes an ATM locator to find the most convenient ATM for the consumer. Upon arrival in front of the ATM, the consumer simply selects Cardless Cash from the ATM menu, and a QR code is generated by the machine. The QR code is scanned by the app and once verified, the cash is dispensed by the ATM. A convenient electronic withdrawal receipt is also presented to the user via the app.

The 11,000 ATMs capable of Cardless Cash are located in 66 premium retailer locations across the country.

“Many of the banking institutions we serve use Cardless Cash on their own ATMs and are interested in making available to their accountholders a cardless withdrawal option via the Cardtronics retail ATM network, including our strategic Allpoint Network FI partners,” said Brian Bailey, EVP and Managing Director, North America. “They recognize that simplifying accountholders’ lives and enhancing security helps fortify customer relationships.”

“The beauty of Cardless Cash is that consumers can just use the mobile phones in their hands, no card required. The use of QR code technology negates the need for costly ATM hardware upgrades,” said Cardtronics’ Brad Nolan, EVP, Allpoint Solutions. “That is the heart of Cardtronics - reducing the high capital expense of equipment while giving financial institutions greater ability to provide their cardholders easy access to cash where and when they want it.”

“We’re pleased with the progress that has been made in integrating FIS Cardless Cash across the Cardtronics ATM network,” said Rob Lee, head of Digital and Banking, FIS. “For FIS customers, this partnership extends the channels available for Cardless Cash as these Cardtronics ATMs also participate in the FIS NYCE Payments Network.”

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