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Refinitiv automates fund eligibility for wealth managers and financial advisors

Source: Refinitiv

Building on its commitment to work with partners and customers across the financial community to solve key workflow challenges, Refinitiv today announced that it has onboarded a new app “Fund Eligibility” to its financial markets desktop platform Eikon, which automates the eligibility assessment governing product sales restriction.

Developed by the Swiss FinTech Investment Navigator, the “Fund Eligibility” app is the latest innovation to offer wealth managers and financial advisors a seamless fund selection and advisory process directly in Eikon.

The launch of Fund Eligibility comes at a time when financial regulators around the world have increased their enforcement practices related to investment compliance and investor protection. Given this backdrop, the eligibility assessment of an investment product has become an essential part of the fund selection and advisory process.

“Fund eligibility has become ever more critical, given the global investment process and the level of available sophisticated investment options. The Fund Eligibility solution represents a significant step in providing our customers with a seamless fund advisory process on the Eikon platform,” said Alberto Velasco, director, Wealth Advisor Platform, Refinitiv. “The successful collaboration with FinTechs like Investment Navigator demonstrates how we can create value for our customers by establishing access to a best-of-breed eco-system of third-party solutions on our platform.”

The Fund Eligibility solution is based on the proprietary proposition of Investment Navigator to provide automated assessments on the individual share class level for mutual funds and exchange traded funds through the entanglement of context, rules and data. The comprehensive and transparent Lipper Fund data feed is complimentary used with Investment Navigator’s capability to source sales restrictions directly from a product’s legal documentation. The easy to understand eligibility outcome mitigates the risks of mis-selling by considering a funds underlying sales restrictions and allows the user to check local sales authorizations.

Alberto Rama, CEO of Investment Navigator, said: “It’s a great privilege for us to be onboarded to one of the leading platforms for financial information for professional users.” “The automated assessments in the Fund Eligibility app are faster and better than manual checks. It’s optimizing the time to market for investment advice and can replace error-prone workflows.” summarizes Tobias Houdek, Project Lead at Investment Navigator.

The “Fund Eligibility” app is now available in the Eikon App Studio. To learn more about the Eikon platform, please visit this page.

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