Citi debuts digital wealth advisor

Source: Citi

Citi announced today that it is introducing a new, fully digital financial planning solution called Citi Wealth Advisor to enable Citigold clients to work with their dedicated relationship team to create a financial plan that focuses on the goals that matter most.

In addition, Citi is also offering commission-free trading for ETFs and new-issue U.S. Treasury purchases for Citigold clients.

“There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to financial planning,” said John Cummings, Head of Citi U.S. Consumer Wealth Management. “We’re proud to introduce Citi Wealth Advisor, a more personalized, intuitive experience that helps clients create a financial roadmap that’s unique to them—whether that means sending their kids to college, retiring early, or buying a dream vacation home.”

With Citi Wealth Advisor, clients select their goals to create their financial roadmap, showing them how to achieve their goals. The roadmap includes a Confidence Score, which estimates their probability of success, as well as the solutions needed to maximize their efforts. The client’s dedicated Citigold team, including their Financial Advisor or Relationship Manager, can follow the plan in real time, and recalibrate it as their clients’ lives and financial responsibilities evolve.

Citi Wealth Advisor also allows investors to model various “what if” scenarios that highlight different pathways to achieving their goals. These strategies include controllable elements, such as increasing savings or adjusting retirement dates, as well as uncontrollable events such as market downturns, inflation or Social Security benefit changes.

“Understanding and preparing for these risks to retirement can be very reassuring,” said Chuck Cavanaugh, Head of Wealth Planning, Citi Personal Wealth Management. “And for clients who are already on pace to achieve their retirement goals, we can advance into meeting other goals like funding health care, college, travel and charitable giving. Our advisors are supported by a number of specialist teams that can provide investment analysis, risk management and advanced planning strategies.”

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