Midigator introduces DisputeFlow to fight merchant charebacks

Source: Midigator

For more than a decade, nearly all merchants have shared a common struggle: the confusing, time-consuming process of fighting chargebacks.

The only self-managed options were to endure the labor-intensive task or unfairly sacrifice revenue--until now. Today, Midigator® announces DisputeFlow™, a new feature that makes it radically simple to respond to chargebacks and recover lost revenue.

DisputeFlow allows merchants to fight chargebacks with just a few clicks, reducing the amount of time spent on responses by at least 62.5%. Despite investing less effort into each chargeback, beta test merchants experienced an average win rate 200% higher than what they were able to achieve on their own--higher-quality cases and quicker response times yield greater success.

Another characteristic that contributes to the radical simplicity of DisputeFlow is the integration requirement: zero development resources are needed. Merchants can begin using DisputeFlow within 24 hours.

“There are so many noteworthy features of this new tool, but when you add them all together, the disruptive element of DisputeFlow is the accessibility,” said Corey Baggett, CEO of Midigator. “For a lot of merchants, access to advanced risk technology has been elusive--most small businesses don’t have enough technological resources or the ability to integrate, some enterprise merchants are not able to share confidential data. But DisputeFlow changes all that. Now, everyone has unrestricted access to chargeback management technology.”

To use DisputeFlow’s patent-pending technology, merchants login to Midigator where all chargeback information is consolidated into a single dashboard. The guided workflow prompts merchants to drag and drop information into fields that are customized for the specific case being worked. At various stages, the technology creates and saves templates to make each future response progressively easier. Once completed, Midigator automatically submits the package to the processor and collects result data.

“If you manage chargebacks in-house, DisputeFlow will be your new favorite tool,” said Baggett. “Once you see just how simple it is, you’ll wonder how you managed for so long without it.”

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