VSoft launches new core banking system

Source: VSoft

VSoft Corporation, a global leader in providing information and technology solutions for financial institutions, announced the launch of Wings, an all new, flexible and comprehensive core processing system built on advanced browser-based technologies.

The platform was purpose-built from the ground up to make core processing for banks and credit unions easier and less time consuming.

VSoft took great care to make every facet of the platform straight forward and easy to understand for its institutional partners. Wings includes a suite of robust modules that simplify and modernize core processing for banks and credit unions. The new platform provides seamless, real-time, high-volume and high-performance transactions across multiple channels resulting in a more consistent and intuitive digital banking experience. It enhances the overall account holder experience and significantly increases operational efficiencies to give banks and credit unions more time to do what they do best; serve their account holders.

Institutions can easily customize reports and export in a variety of formats to fit their needs. Automated monthly report generation is available to help banks and credit unions leverage the data Wings collects. By providing a unified view of account holder information, the core system synchronizes fragmented systems and enables banks and credit unions to make data-driven decisions.

Wings is device agnostic, meaning it is available to staff on computer, tablet, or even smartphone. VSoft strives to certify a wide variety of technology options to maintain a financial institution’s freedom to choose hardware solutions that allow branch employees to be more flexible and available to account holders than ever before. Banks and credit unions can adapt quickly to industry changes and scale operations thanks to Wings’ independent platform and open-system design.

Banks and credit unions can adapt either real-time posting, batch posting or a combination of the two transaction processing methods in an operating environment of their choice. Due to the highly customizable nature of the platform’s business rules and thresholds, financial institutions can configure new products and roll them out quickly within a matter of minutes with Wings’ flexible parameters. New screens, sections, and fields can be added in real time natively in the system without having to depend on costly programming. With Wings, institutions are able to maintain and surpass their goals while spending less time and less money on costly edits and add-ons.

“Financial institutions with outdated, legacy core technology can no longer compete in today’s ultra-competitive market,” said Murthy Veeraghanta, Chairman and CEO of VSoft. “In response, we developed a functional, flexible core system that allows organizations to work more efficiently and compete at higher levels.”

Banks and credit unions that have implemented Wings have seen tremendous improvements in internal operations, resulting in streamlined functions and reduced manual steps. The new core system is user-friendly and provides great functionality for both institutions and staff.

VSoft serves thousands of financial institutions of all sizes in the United States and globally. Known for its deep history in payment processing solutions, the company has succeeded by adapting to evolving technology and supporting dynamic solutions that meet key business strategies. VSoft’s evolution helps them stand out as a diversified company offering a wide variety of products and services, including its core, payment and digital banking solutions. These products reduce cost and maximize efficiency while providing seamless, real-time, high-volume and high-performance transactions across multiple channels.

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