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Russian central bank recommends registration of customers’ biometrics in Unified Biometric System

Source: Central Bank of Russian Federation

The Bank of Russia issued recommendations for banks, which will allow them to upgrade and optimise the operational processes used to register citizens in the Unified System of Identification and Authentication (USIA) and the Unified Biometric System (UBS).

Should a customer lack an individual insurance account number (SNILS), banks are recommended to search for the customer’s account in the USIA using his/her passport data and, if necessary, update them. Banks are also recommended to check the equipment is ready for use before starting the business day. This will help banks to reduce time taken to register a customer while maintaining a high-quality service.

Moreover, banks are recommended to inform the customer about the registration of his/her biometric data in the USIA immediately after the procedure has been completed.

The information letter also recommends that banks should clarify for the customer to what particular biometric system his/her data are transferred: to the UBS or the bank’s own system. This will help prevent individuals being misled.

It should be mentioned that the remote identification mechanism allows citizens to gain access to remote financial services provided by any bank. For this purpose, citizens are required to complete primary identification in an authorised bank, which will register the customer in the USIA and UBS by taking his/her biometric data (face image and voice recording). To gain access to remote financial services at a new bank, a citizen must undergo authorisation procedures in the USIA and confirm his/her biometric data on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer equipped with a camera and microphone.

The map of banks that collect biometric data is published on the Bank of Russia website and constantly updated.

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