Panopticon Software releases financial performance and risk-mapping tool

Source: Panopticon Software

Panopticon Software, the leading supplier of real-time visualisation tools to the financial markets, has launched Panopticon Visual Risk and Performance (VRaP), enabling financial institutions and fund managers to more effectively analyse and act on complex performance and risk data.

VRaP uses Panopticon's proven treemapping technology to create clear, consolidated visual representations of risk and performance data from multiple sources. By adding this sophisticated, intelligent presentation layer, Panopticon VRaP enables institutions to make the most of the information generated by their existing in-house and third-party performance and risk applications.

"Buy-side and investment management firms use a variety of applications to generate their performance and risk information, but the level of reporting they provide requires laborious analysis that can be detrimental to reaction and decision making time," explains Martin Porter, Panopticon business development director. "Panopticon VRaP takes the information they trust from best of breed applications and presents it in a clear, consolidated way, allowing investment and risk professionals to identify and monitor trends more easily and make better informed decisions."

Panopticon VRaP uses this proven core technology to produce clear, consolidated visual map of a range of data including sector or stock-specific risk, performance attribution information, absolute and relative value contributions and value at risk.

"Historically, fund managers have had to view different asset classes and performance and risk information separately, says Porter. Panopticon VRaP fundamentally changes that by providing a global, multi-instrument view of performance and risk within an institution and across funds, all on a single screen."

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