Orange Bank launches Visa Premium card

Source: Orange Bank

Orange Bank is pursuing the enhancement of its services with today’s launch of its new Visa Premium card[1].

This follows on from the launch of the Orange Bank current account with its Visa bank card in November 2017 and the introduction of its personal loan offer in March last year.

The new Visa Premium card offers the following benefits:
 Payments and withdrawals with no extra fees anywhere in the world[2], using either the card or the mobile[3]
 Reinforced security with a dynamic card-verification value (CVV) replacing the usual three-digit code visible on the back of cards
 Replacement of the card free of charge anywhere in the world within 72 hours[4]
 Comprehensive insurance policy & travel assistance enabled automatically by simply holding the card[5]
 Increased withdrawal and payment ceilings[6]

Services with no added costs anywhere in the world
Whether you are in France or abroad, the Orange Bank Visa Premium card allows account-holders to pay and withdraw money wherever they are in the world without any extra charges. In addition, if a customer’s card is lost or stolen, a new card can be sent for free to anywhere in the world within 72 hours.

Enhanced security with dynamic card-verification code
To strengthen transaction security, the Visa Premium card includes an LCD screen on the back displaying a new card-verification value (CVV) every hour. If the details of an account-holder’s card are stolen during an online purchase, this will be unusable within a few minutes once the CVV code has changed.


Comprehensive insurance policy and travel assistance services enabled by simply holding the card
The Visa Premium insures card-holders and their families even when another means of payment is used. Whether payments are made using vouchers, a mobile phone or even cash, the insurance policy remains applicable. Simply being a member of this card is sufficient.

The insurance and assistance policy included with Orange Bank's Visa Premium card covers the following:
 The cancellation or modification of plane or train journeys, as well as delays, changes or cancellations imposed by transport services
 The theft or damage of your luggage during travel by plane or train
 Death or disability cover with compensation for account-holders and their families up to 310,000 euros
 Civil liability abroad
 Transport and Repatriation costs
 Hospitalisation expenses abroad with an advance of up to 155,000 euros
 Medical expenses abroad with compensation of up to 155,000 euros
 Assistance in case of legal proceedings
 Franchise purchase of vehicle rentals
 Search and rescue costs in mountainous environments; breakage or theft of ski equipment

At a cost of only 7.99 euros per month, Orange Bank offers one of the most attractive and complete premium cards on the market for both neo-banks and traditional banks. Subscription to the service is possible through the mobile application or the website, as well as in IOBSP-certified Orange stores.

Stéphane Vallois, Deputy CEO of Orange Bank, commented: “Our premium card allows us to expand our range of services with an innovative product that offers a new level of security and serenity for our customers, both in France and in their travels around the world. Through this offer, we are taking an additional step forward towards Orange Bank’s ambition to offer its customers full autonomy and freedom of action. This card will also provide a means of offering crossover benefits with Orange’s telecoms activity that will be revealed to you in the coming weeks.” 

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