ThinkMarkets launches platform for algo and automated traders

Source: ThinkMarkets

ThinkMarkets, a leading provider of financial derivatives trading that is headquartered in Australia has announced the launch of its new offering that caters to the needs of algorithmic and automated traders.

The new solution, ThinkZero, combines advanced trading technology and a sophisticated order management system to provide some of the lowest spreads and fastest order execution on currencies, stock indices and commodity derivatives.

The new solution gives traders access to some of the lowest spreads on major currencies such as the Euro against the US dollar spot FX contract. The award-winning broker’s ThinkZero solution offers popular forex products at zero spread – choice pricing. In addition to low spreads, ThinkMarkets has enhanced its trading infrastructure by increasing the number and quality of servers co-located at LD5 & HK1 data centers for low latency order execution and bolstered its back-end architecture and development of proprietary execution algorithms.

The enhancements enable the firm’s transaction messaging systems to connect across the globe with users and liquidity providers with an average of less then 15 milliseconds. The high-end performance has been supported by ThinkMarkets’ dedicated Network and Software engineering teams; upgrading the operating software to the latest industry standards and deploying real-time latency surveillance and monitoring systems that are dynamically managed for best results.

Nauman Anees, Co-founder, and CEO of ThinkMarkets said in a comment: “The nuts and bolts of high-quality financial trading products are simply; pricing, speed, and quality of order-execution. These are crucial requirements for our traders, and we have always given this aspect of our offering the most time and resource.

ThinkZero is the by-product of our institutional trading specialists teams working bottom-up to devising and create a product that challenges the status-quo and hence we believe that it’s one of best solutions in the market- the results speak for themselves.”

ThinkMarkets has been a pioneer in offering low-latency trading, since 2013 the firm has been positioned as an ideal provider after it announced its parentship with Equinix, the leading data centers and connectivity provider.

Financial markets are constantly evolving through ongoing developments in the electronic-trading environment and order execution quality is one of the key drivers of the industry. ThinkMarkets trading technologies division has maintained a reliable and consistent uptime of over 99.9% thus enabling reduced slippage, rejection and requotes.

Furthermore, the firm’s platform-bridging and aggregation engines enable the firm to cross-connect and deploy its exciton strategy that covers best-execution, precision execution and liquidity management that gives depth and scale for traders.

The latest offering supports ThinkMarkets corporate strategy to provide seamless and value-add trading services to global FX & CFD traders. The firm recently expanded its global footprint through its newly licensed South African firm that aims to transform the South African investment landscape with its advanced products and specific tailor-made solutions for the domestic market. The new firm will offer a range of domestic and internally traded-products including forex, stock index and equity derivatives on ThinkMarkets proprietary trading platforms. 

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