TickSmith collaborates with Vela

Source: TickSmith

TickSmith, a software company that combines cutting-edge data management technology and deep knowledge in Capital Markets, has partnered with Vela, a leading independent provider of trading and market access technology for global multi-asset electronic trading.

TickSmith’s big data based Analytics Platform is now compatible with Vela’s market data feed, SuperFeed.

Vela's SuperFeed provides high quality, low-latency normalized market data without the need for any client infrastructure. With access to over 130 global data sources, SuperFeed delivers the levels of performance, availability, and reliability required of a trading quality market data feed. TickSmith’s Analytics Platform captures, normalizes, stores, analyzes, and distributes real-time streaming and historical data. It can also provide comprehensive analytics for trading and compliance such as transaction cost analytics, market participation analytics, point in time market statistics and order book replay.

The partnership provides Capital Market firms with a robust and fully-integrated solution that can be deployed quickly and effectively, thus provisioning data scientists, market makers, compliance officers and trading desks with normalized datasets for a broad range of Capital Market applications. The combined solution is currently being deployed on AWS with a major US investment firm.

David Cote, COO of TickSmith, says, “Our priority is to provide a high quality data management solution from ingress to egress of the data pipeline,” adding, “We are confident that our technology will add a significant advantage for Vela clients who wish to fuel their internal applications with historical market data as fast as possible.”

“With Vela’s SuperFeed, financial institutions benefit from the simplicity, agility, and cost efficiency of a low-latency normalized market data feed with access to major markets across the globe,” said Ollie Cadman, Global Head of Product Management and Business Operations at Vela. “This partnership with TickSmith integrates SuperFeed with their state-of-the-art turnkey solution for Transaction Cost Analysis. We’re excited to partner with TickSmith and look forward to continue working together to help our other mutual clients simplify electronic trading.”

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