HSBC rolls out Finantix's CRM software

Source: Finantix

Finantix, the leading vendor of process-oriented, client-centric and sales driven financial components for financial services firms, is pleased to announce that it has successfully customised first phase of software to support the sales and advice processes of HSBC.

HSBC and Finantix have worked together to customise Finantix Components as the core enabler of HSBC's strategy in the area of advice-led sales.

In replacing its existing point of sale system, HSBC has embarked on phased approach and after an intensive customisation and development process, has formally accepted Phase 1 of the software delivery from Finantix.

Finantix' solution will help HSBC's, client-facing wealth management employees provide a higher level of service to their clients by reducing their administrative burden and providing comprehensive planning capabilities, rich decision support and knowledge management. These features, along with extensive simulation and validation capabilities, will make the sales processes client friendly, professional, FSA-compliant and more effective. Thanks to tools that allow users to quickly and intelligently capture and interpret the client's financial agenda and requirements, HSBC will increase its ability to provide tailored advice.

Alessandro Tonchia, co-founder of Finantix, said: "We are proud to be the engine behind HSBC's ambitious response to the recent compliance challenges which will empower its advisors to deliver outstanding service and improve its awareness of client needs. Projects such as this reinforce our longstanding conviction that adopting a holistic approach to clients and financial offerings is the key to success in today's retail banking market."

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